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Real Estate Photography & 
Video Production

Great real estate images will help you sell your property faster by getting more potential buyers through the door. It’s no secret and real estate agents know that selling properties is a numbers game. Yes, a lot has to do with market conditions, timing, location, suitability, staging and other crucial factors but none of these matter if you do not get people in the front door. Prior to making requests to see a property most people do their research up front by checking out the listings. The bulk of this research is simply looking at photos. Set your listing apart!

Bird's Eye View

Capture stunning exterior views of your property and the surrounding landscape.

Virtual Tours

Walk buyers through a custom virtual tour of your home highlight unique features.

See the Town

Get a feel of what the local lifestyle is like. From schools, to parks, to shopping areas. 

Real Estate Packages

We offer a variety of services and packages to residential realtors, developers and architects. You can mix and match to create your custom shoot or have "The Full Monty" package which includes all our video production, still photos and drone services in one bundle. 


*Pricing for luxury homes ($3M+), commercial properties and larger projects like housing developments are billed individually.  


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Set your listing apart

With an eye for design and an attention to lighting and detail, Jim Nevill Production is dedicated to documenting structures through clean and creative photography and videography. This love for design and imagery combined with experience and technical skills, is what makes JNP's work stand out from the crowd. View a small sample of recent work below or dive into our full real estate photography or videography portfolio's.

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 8.13.29 AM.png

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